A prayer for the month of July

A prayer for the month of July

Father, Mother, God, Great Spirit, Universal Source, Eternal Light, Creator of all things in me. I am of Source, and I give thanks for this day. I choose to allow this month of July to be the most affirming and joy-filled month of my year.  I am allowing the most spectacular space in my inner being to create abundance, love, perfect health and to finally allow the Source within me to transform and show the luminosity of my spirit to be a guide of The Way.

I no longer relinquish my power to events, people or things outside of my inner magnificent source.  I embrace all of my power. I embrace all of me, and I continue to allow more of me to show up.  I am the living Spirit. I am of the originating force. I am the One. I am the magnificent source of everything in my universe and I create ease of movement, complete and amazing health, total abundance and freedom in my life.  This is my one and only choice; to allow my inner light to create a breathtaking life. I accept a new reality, my truth as an empowered being filled with the bounty of the spectacular Universal Creative Force.  I am infinite!

I live and have my being in the awesomeness of an uplifted consciousness, knowing that all of life comes to me with Ease and Joy and Glory.  I live a magical and opulent life as it is my Divine inheritance to choose Ease and Joy and Glory.  And so it is, Amen! 

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