Do you practice gratitude in your life?

Gratitude has been a daily practice in my life which has helped me find magic in life by simply living in a state of gratitude for all that shows up in my life, including all the things I perceive as bad. When I give thanks and ask the question: What is right about this that I am not seeing? I open the door to Universal flow, because what I perceive as wrong or painful could just be the next step into the direction of an idea that I was just not willing to be receptive to and that could potentially change the direction in which I was moving. What are your thoughts on gratitude? Share with me and start a conversation about what else is possible in your own life, turn around all the perceived inconveniences in your life and see how it all transforms into a magical experience.

Yesterday, as we were walking on the trail, I vocalized the Access Consciousness mantra “All of life Comes to me with ease and joy and glory” and without realizing we dropped one of my headset pieces. When we got home and realized that it was missing, we decided to go back to see if we could try to find it. As it turned out we had appointments and an unexpected visit that took a few hours and in my mind it was possible that by that time someone had picked up the headset and walked away with it. Instead of going into the negative, we decided to drive by the area where we thought that we had dropped it… Someone had picked it up and placed it on a part of the fence that was easy to see and there it was, the other half of my headset. Being grateful and sending thanks from the bottom of my heart to the person who found it and placing it where we could see it made me feel that I was contributing to the energy I would like to create in our world. What energy would you like to create in your world?

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