I Discovered an Opening

I Discovered an Opening

In the space between relaxation and sleep I discovered an opening to that infinite being of which I now know and recognize, but, has lived hiding for fear of shining my light. A powerful light to an awakening to a reality that is not and has never been mine. I discovered a space of Light that illuminated me, the open door, the entrance to a level of being that I did not know. This, at that moment, gave me permission to be more of myself and allow love to flow to the infinite being that I am.

I perceived a powerful light that made it easier for me to wake up from a reality that kept me unconscious and asleep, rejecting the greatness of my being. Waking up from a reality that kept me locked in the limiting energy of self-deprecation and victimization. I chose for a long time to live hidden from my being and now I understand that limitation is not part of who I am.

In my dream I understood that living in insufficiency is a choice that limits me and deprives me of the power to live a deeply vibrant and enlightened life and allow the greatness of my being to show the luminosity of my spirit.

My being is part of a great and expansive universe in which I am a grain of sand that participates and collaborates in a great design. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the availability and openness to this expansive space that I accepted and allowed myself to be and live in, because I recognize that I am an infinite and unlimited consciousness!

My question is, what else is possible when I live from the elegance and opulence of that infinite being that I am?

My ask of this Universal force is to show up and gently guide to more of me and to free me from the problematic back pack that I accepted as my lot in this life time.

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