Access Bars Class


Access Bars Class

One day certification. Learn about this marvelous technique to align your body and mind with your highest aspirations.

“This process; this class is for anyone who has anything in their body or their life that they would like to be different than it currently is, or knows someone who wants different.  At the very least, the Bars® is a great de-stressor tool.”
​Gary Douglas – Founder, Access Consciousness®


Welcome to the most relaxing,
de-stressing, well-being technique
that you may have
heard of!

I offer personal Bars® sessions and also teach the Access Bars® Class so you can learn how to run Bars® for yourself. 

​Some of the things Access Bars® has assisted with:

  • Stress Release, Deep Relaxation, Relieving Mind Chatter & Mental Pressure.
  • Quicker Recovery/Healing Time with both Old or New Injury, Surgery, or Disease.  
  • Improved Work/School Performance, Problem Solving, Focus and Productivity
  • Sleep, Anxiety, Depression
  • Letting Go of Things that have been Keeping You Stuck (including PTSD)


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