What is transcendence?

What is transcendence?

What is the energy of transcendence? At the end of the day, transcendence means to rise above or walk on water as the real meaning of walking on water can be…

And what do we need to transcend in our lives today? The pounding of negativity so we cowardly live in fear, the gloom and doom that is so pervasive in social media and the news? What have we forgotten about the truth of our being that has become a living separation from our Divine knowing?

Going within gives us answers that can only be received from a space of silent prayer and paying attention to nature as it unfolds and a deep space of gratitude for all of it, the beauty, the love and the ugly.

Transcending and allowing the unfolding of a space of reverence for ourselves, our lives and what is being born in this moment of human existence. Living in allowance of what is and opening the door to receiving more of our exuberant and joyful self.

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