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October’s Love Letter

May this Oktoberfest celebration be a time of the year that we embrace the intention to walk in love with ourselves and with every reflection of who we are in the world. A time to take the absolute best care of ourselves and to allow for the experience of joy in total admiration of the bounty and the beauty in our changing weather. May this be the month guided by the intention to live in reverence of the many gifts we co-create with Universal goodness, that is always so ready and willing to say yes to our creative power!

I was talking with Scott about how I see my life in the perfection of the NOW and how I literally see me walking on water. It seems that when I decided to love my life, to love my body and to continue on my search of continual growth and to say yes to whatever is next in life for me, it helped me rise above much of the pettiness of life’s challenges. May we live in the recognition of our intimate relationship with God and our incredible connection to the all-ness of Spirit!

I’ve discovered that the more I live in total gratitude, the more amazing my life becomes and the easier it is to be in an allowance of what goes on in the world. When I adopt an opinion, or what is worse, when I solidify my opinions about how things or people should be, that’s when I sink into the atmospheric contrast of pain and suffering. It is here that I get to remind myself that joy is just a thought away, and it stands as a new choice, a new possibility. Opening to self-care brings me to a blessed sense of well-being, opening doors to a more gentle experience of me; an easier recognition of the wonderful reflection that I am creating as the experience of my life. What a wonderful space from which to choose from the possibilities that abound in life. What Am I Choosing Right now?

What do I really need? Do I have to have a huge house and a large savings account to live in total abundance? How do I define abundance?

The clearer I become about the boundlessness of my soul and the miraculousness of choice, the freer I am to recognize the magic in my life! In the last couple of months as I have continued working on creating the best version of myself, one that is pain free and “open at the top” – I have been able to have a physical experience of well being that I had not often noticed as a regular part of my life. Since I decided to pivot and find the health care I can trust, one that helps and supports me in making changes in my diet, one that helps me have a clear mind and reduce the inflammation in my body, I have been able to rest easier. This new me is awakening, and along with it a new sensation of ease in everything I do. Writing, cooking, reading, taking classes and all of it being done with a new self assurance that I didn’t feel before. Choosing to hire a Health Coach has been one of the more profitable investments in my life.

I had read Siddhartha by Herman Hesse when I was in my late teens, and this story was a huge influence in my life. I took the opportunity to listen to the book on Audible again. Listening to the book gave me a new perspective about life that opened doors to a new awareness, one of living a life of such simplicity! Who do I truly need to be in order to provide a life of service?

As with the philosophy of The Course in Miracles, new ideas and new concepts come up that challenge the preconceived ideas that I’ve had about life and life’s challenges; and now as I sit here to write my October love letter I find such joy and clarity about my walk through this life. Service does not require self deprecation, service does not require self sacrifice, service truly is best when I am living my life in gratitude and in joy.