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A Malleable Reality

mal•le•a•ble (ˈmæl i ə bəl)


1. manageable, adaptable, compliant, impressionable, pliable, tractable, biddable, governable, like putty in your hands She was young enough to be malleable.

2. workable, soft, plastic, tensile, ductile Silver is the most malleable of all metals.

What if reality, as we know it, is malleable?  What does malleable mean?  Can we transform our reality into something that we absolutely love?  Is it possible that our thoughts and words can mold our reality in such a way that life becomes miraculous?  And if my reality IS MALLEABLE, how do I use this to change my daily life?

Just as clay is malleable…  You are the artist that creates the beautiful sculpture and in my life I have opted for a life that necessarily expands as my understanding expands…  What does that mean?  I decided to travel,  and take classes, to read books, and now with the advent of YouTube and podcasts I continue to watch and listen to new thought teachers to expand my knowledge. I listen to Dr. Mark Hyman on nutrition, to Dr. Dain Heer on consciousness, and to Dr. Reverend James Mellon and Dr. Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith on Spirituality, all who I have adopted as my teachers.  They are my Michael Angelo in their fields and promote my own growth and understanding.   “Being open at the top ” is one of the options I have decided that works for me in order to continue with my own spiritual growth.  Last week I traveled to Northern California to take a four day class called Foundation by Access Consciousness. The class was held at an enchanting winery that boasted magnificent views of the vineyard and surrounding mountains; so it was an amazing getaway to submerge myself in the opportunity and expand my mind. It was an amazing setting in which to focus and find the small voice inside me that likes discovering new things. This was my third Foundation class so I suppose you could say that I am a slow learner, and I might even have dismissed the class by this time as repetitive.  But the concepts repeatedly expressed and the profundity of the material changed me at the core of my consciousness. This time the class was deeper. It was a quaint class with only five women, but the wonderfully intimate environment just enhanced the experience; for me it was life transforming.  

The most interesting part is how simple it really is to change reality…  Choose differently and be the invitation to a new reality!!!  How simple is that?  

How do we choose differently?  Just ask a question… how can it get better than that?  Ask yourself, “What energy, space and consciousness can I and my body be that will allow my life to be a grand adventure?” or ask“What would create more money, more fun and more joy in my life?”  

It seems simple…  Because IT IS!!!  

I talk to a lot of people who continuously tell me their stories of how broken they are; how lonely they are and they bemoan whatever life transition they’re going through. This is what keeps them attached to their pain, their despair and their confusion. They identify so deeply with their pain that it becomes a literal and important aspect of who they are. They stay in the process of suffering and their demeanor and choices are all about suffering.  I am not saying that you should ignore your pain because pain is showing the way to liberation; what I am saying here is that we have the opportunity to transform pain into a different reality. We can and must choose differently, unless we like to live in the drama of life, in which case you can keep choosing the same reality and continue to live in pain… But WHY?

I learned a long time ago that I am responsible for my life and everything in it, so if I am response-able then I can choose a different reality!  I can choose to live in the freedom of choice and choose to step out of whatever painful situation and instead mold it differently. I can mold it to my advantage, mold it by stepping outside of the situation and see it from a different perspective.  This is where I get to refine the sculpture I call my life.

Change your focus. Remember that what you focus on expands…  Once again, ask a question that would potentially empower you…  How can I change this?

Create a target for yourself. Look towards joy, happiness, and abundance; what would create more of that in your life at this moment?  Ask yourself, “How can I lower my barriers and experience more love in my life?  What do I need to change in my mind and my surroundings that would allow for more peace in my life?”

Build a new daily practice…  This is an empowering way to begin your day… Every morning as you engage with life all over again to begin your day, sit in meditation and prayer. Write three things you are grateful for. Sit and contemplate a new, magnificent day and ask for it to be a grand and glorious adventure for you.  Decide that your life will improve from this moment forward, and that as you lift the veil of sorrow, scarcity and pain a new dimension of joy and abundance will show up with total ease and grace.  Knowing that something else is possible allows for more of life to show up.  

Amplify your inner light. Shine your love to our world. Take charge of your mind and expand your soul’s journey in this dimension at this time.  If you have no understanding of how to do this, find a coach, a minister or take a class. Read a book or find someone who will give you a hand and help you pull yourself out of the hole that you find yourself in. Ask for help and be willing to change.  This is a choice that is always available – to all of us!

Is reality malleable?  Absolutely…  It is all done by choice!  

Helen Keller said that life is either a daring adventure or nothing. I would add that we have to choose what we want in order to create it in our own lives; it is a universal law: the law of choice.  Learning that joy is an inside job gave me the opportunity to choose it, and to stop letting people and events determine my happiness. It is my choice to live in joy or to live in pain. What will you choose today?  As for me, today I choose to live in joy. I choose to allow my creative genius to take over and I step into the joy of writing. I will reach out for the things that will help me create more in my life!  What will you ask for today?  What will you choose today?  Remember life is either a daring adventure of nothing!  I choose to release the illusion of fear and to embrace the pure potentiality of a life well lived, will you join me in creating a grand adventure in your own life?  What else is possible in a Universe where we can choose to commune in nature, close our eyes and just know that there is so much beauty around us and that it is all here for us to delve into the energy of abundance when and as we choose it.  

Free yourself, release the shackles of pain, suffering, lack and death and start living in the joy of expansion, in the abundance of more blessings and more of your inner magnificent light!  And so it is, Amen!

Living From The Miraculous

God talks to us in miraculous ways, perhaps we just have to slow down enough to be able to hear the whispers of our Universal Source and make small adjustments so we can finally discover the miraculous within. 

How do we transform our mundane lives into a source of inspiration to live from the inside out?  Are we really living our best lives when we choose to ignore our highest and most profound knowing?  Are we exchanging our most sacred generative space for the business of life, for making money and living prisoners to what is outside of our most miraculous self?  Listen, listen, listen….

Listen to what?  Stop and allow the Universal whispers to move you in ways that you have never acknowledged before, just decide to make a new choice, decide that today will be the day when you cleanse all the debris left over from years of living from the outside in.  Living a life that has ignored your most sacred self for the benefit of what others may say and ignoring the healing whispers of Universal bliss.  What does it really mean to listen to your own magnificent knowing?  To live from the inside out!

To allow your most sacred whispers and to express them in a way that is joyous and beneficial to you, beneficial to you body and to all whom you come in contact with on a daily basis.  To finally live in the land of plenty, to finally accept the blessings that you have been asking for, but have been too busy to open yourself to receive.   To me the idea of walking on water is just that…  To live from the miraculous, to live from the inside out, to live from the profundity of your being and to be open to receive the whispers of your Universal bliss.  It is not about the material solidity of a world that denies greatness for the instant gratification that money can bring.  It is not about fame or money or accumulating material stuff, though, I am not saying that it is wrong to be wealthy, wealth is living from the inside out, it is acknowledging the miraculous from within, it is about being of service, it is about accepting our Spiritual greatness and sharing and living from that space of introspection, living from the inside out…  This is the space of Infinite Possibility  

That is miraculous, that is what we’re here for…  That is the New Human as we are guided into the age of enlightenment.  

It is the miracle of one more magical morning, the miracle of taking a breath and to be able to admire the magnificent beauty of your inner strengths.

One more experience of the miraculous that life can be, what is consciousness saying to you today?  What is the message for you to embrace, to wake up this morning feeling alive and filled with the impetus of life and joy, being alive for what reason, for what purpose?  Wake up! Wake up and listen, the miracle is right there at your doorstep.  Just waiting to be appreciated and acknowledged, What is your consciousness saying to you today?  What is your highest self saying to you today?  What is your consciousness trying to get you to understand today?  Let it be simple, let it be easy.  The magic is right there, the magic is the most amazing part of who you are.  The magic is your willingness to say yes, today is an amazing day, today is a day that your infinite self created for your enjoyment, for your play, for your amazing realization of whatever that may be for you, just be joyful and acknowledge that you’re here for a greater purpose than just sitting around watching tv, that you’re here for a greater purpose than just commiserating with the misery that you feel about life because it didn’t turn out the what you thought.  Whatever excuse you have today, just release it and let it go and embrace the magic that is your life, the magical moment that this moment is, for you, for the planet, for all of us.

Let go of what holds you back and open yourself to receive the magic that you are, today is the day!


Dios nos habla de maneras milagrosas, tal vez solo tenemos que reducir nuestra velocidad lo suficiente para poder escuchar los susurros de nuestra Fuente Universal y hacer pequeños ajustes para que finalmente podamos descubrir lo milagroso que somos por dentro.

¿Cómo transformamos nuestras vidas mundanas en una fuente de inspiración para vivir desde lo más profundo de nuestro ser, vivir de adentro hacia afuera? ¿Realmente estamos viviendo nuestras mejores vidas cuando elegimos ignorar nuestro conocimiento más elevado y profundo? ¿Estamos intercambiando nuestro espacio generativo más sagrado por el negocio de la vida, por hacer dinero y vivir prisioneros de lo que está fuera de nuestro yo más milagroso? Escucha, escucha, escucha….

¿Escuchar que? Detente y permite que los susurros universales te muestren lo que nunca antes habías reconocido, solo decide tomar una nueva elección, decide que hoy será el día en que limpiarás todos los escombros que quedaron guardados en tu ser de años de vivir de afuera hacia adentro. Viviendo una vida que ha ignorado a su ser más sagrado en beneficio de lo que otros puedan decir e ignorando los susurros curativos de la dicha universal. ¿Qué significa realmente escuchar a tu propia inteligencia mágica? ¡Para vivir de adentro hacia afuera!

Permitir tus susurros más sagrados y expresarlos de una manera que sea alegre y beneficiosa para ti, beneficiosa para tu cuerpo y para todos aquellos con los que entras en contacto a diario. Para finalmente vivir en la tierra de la abundancia, para finalmente aceptar las bendiciones que has estado pidiendo, pero has estado demasiado ocupado para abrirte a recibir. Para mí la idea de caminar sobre el agua es solo eso… Vivir de lo milagroso, vivir de adentro hacia afuera, vivir desde lo más profundo de tu ser y estar abierto a recibir los susurros de nuestra dicha Universal. No se trata de la solidez material de un mundo que niega la grandeza por la gratificación instantánea que el dinero puede brindar. No se trata de fama ni de dinero ni de acumular cosas materiales, aunque no digo que sea malo ser rico, la riqueza es vivir de la profundidad de tu ser y vivir de adentro hacia afuera, es reconocer lo milagroso desde adentro, se trata de dar servicio, se trata de aceptar nuestra grandeza Espiritual y compartiendo y viviendo desde ese espacio de introspección, viviendo de adentro hacia afuera… Este es el espacio de la Posibilidad Infinita.

Eso es milagroso, para eso estamos aquí… Ese es el Nuevo Humano mientras somos guiados hacia la era de la iluminación.

Es el milagro de una mañana mágica, el milagro de tomar un respiro y poder admirar la maravillosa y mágica belleza de tus fuerzas interiores.

Una experiencia más de lo milagroso que puede ser la vida, ¿qué te está diciendo tu consciencia hoy? ¿Cuál es el mensaje para que lo abraces, para que te despiertes esta mañana sintiéndote viva y llena del ímpetu de la vida y la alegría, estando viva por qué razón, con qué propósito? ¡Despierta! Despierta y escucha, el milagro está justo ahí, en la puerta de tu casa. Solo esperando ser apreciado y reconocido, ¿Qué te está diciendo tu ser infinito hoy? ¿Qué te está diciendo tu yo superior hoy? ¿Qué es lo que tu conciencia está tratando de hacerte entender hoy? Que sea simple, que sea fácil. La magia está ahí, la magia es la parte más asombrosa de quién eres. La magia es tu voluntad de decir sí, hoy es un día increíble, hoy es un día que tu ser infinito  creó para que lo disfrutes, para que juegues, para tu increíble realización de lo que sea que pueda ser para ti, solo sé alegre y reconoce que tú estás aquí por un propósito mayor que simplemente enfocarte en mirar televisión, que estás aquí por un propósito mas grandioso que simplemente compadecerte de la miseria que sientes acerca de la vida porque no resultó lo que pensabas. Cualquier excusa que tengas hoy, simplemente suéltala y déjala ir y reconoce la magia que es tu vida, el momento mágico que es este momento, para ti, para el planeta, para todos nosotros.  

Suelta todo lo que te impide vivir desde la profundidad de tu ser infinito y ábrete a recibir más de ti.