My Vision Reset for 2024

My Vision Reset for 2024

When this year began I couldn’t see the end of the year. In my mind, I only saw the possibilities in front of me. 2023 has been a year of great satisfaction as well as personal, emotional and physiological discoveries. I learned that my body required better nutrition than I was giving it, that my heart expands and contracts with the happiness or suffering of others, and that the only way to change things in my world is to kneel and pray.

I learned that energy is like mathematics…. Exact!!!

Universal energy is perfect at every point and in every situation. The problem is not what happens, the problem is how we decide to see what happens; the way we judge the situations. When we read the energy of people or situations, we ignore the energy and instead we focus our attention through our own experience and opinions, believing that we should control the outcome.

Sometimes it seems like God isn’t listening to me and suddenly an angel or two appear and it changes everything. I learned that angels do not have wings but two feet to walk and that they are present only when I invite them in or when I allow them to appear. This year I learned that the hustle and bustle confuses me and that the best way to pray is to enter into the silence of my soul and reestablish my connection with the divine. I also learned that being alone allows me to live at peace with and in my world, and that the one who creates everything in my life is me. I learned that I must be careful with what I think and with what I say because with my thoughts and with my words I am continuously creating everything that appears in my life.

I learned that the only thing I can do to change my world is to change myself. And that my divine connection is the most important and most sincere thing that exists. I learned that listening to my body is the best way to heal myself and that with God everything is possible. And now when I look back and focus on the lessons of this year I give thanks for
my growth. I give thanks for the circumstances of my life and I surrender to the continuous discovery and development of my being. I ask myself the following questions that I read in a book from one of my teachers:

Why Am I here?
What wants to know me?
What wants me to release it?
What is mine to do, right now?
Do I know how great I am?

Looking back I realize that in the middle of the storm I am nobody. When I let go of faith and I retreat into my smallness there is no way to find tranquility or the warmth of the sun, because my focus is wrapped in the strength of the storm. But when I go inside and listen to the whispers of my soul everything returns to calm and everything is fine. Entering the connection of my soul with Universal oneness fills me with calm and opens doors that are closed to me when I try to do it all alone.

A Course in Miracles tells us that we live in a world created by ourselves and that we are children of an Infinite God. We are part of that Divine and miraculous energy that fills everything, and that the energy of love that is God and of which we are an intrinsic part, is actually the only energy that exists in the Universe. Everything else is a projection of our mind, a movie that we have created to entertain ourselves. The Course tells us that the drama in the world is of our own creation.

My purpose for this coming year is to do only the things that fill me with light and love, and to turn my thoughts into prayers of peace. My focus this new year is to strengthen my connection with God in such a way that it is always present no matter the circumstances. It is to wake up in a state of gratitude and with a focus on how miraculous life is. It is in my focus on meditating, and giving thanks for how little or how much exists in my life that is now my only reality.

I learned that I can live an unconscious life and live at the mercy of the storm, or I can be empowered to choose a life worth living; the choice is mine. It takes the same amount of energy, but when I listen to my authentic voice, the results are positive and predictable.

My best wish for 2024 is that humanity awakens and finds the miraculous magic that exists in BEING! Happy New Year!

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