Feliz Navidad 2023!!!

Feliz Navidad 2023!!!

Merry Christmas!
From us, with Love!

I remember growing up in El Salvador. Where I lived, Holy week was one of reverence for Jesus and the painful process that he demonstrated in his life. Grandma insisted that we slow down to respect and appreciate that He had suffered to pay for and redeem us from our sins.  Christmas, on the other hand, was a time of celebration and rejoicing that Jesus was being born in the manger, and that Christ, The Savior was born. Funny enough, I don’t remember the emphasis being so commercial;  buy, buy, buy – as much as it is now. 

I remember all the Nativity sets in the neighborhood. We didn’t go out to look at the Christmas lights, we went out to find the best Nativity sets that families had set up in their yards and windows.  

However you choose to show your holiday spirit, may it bring the joy of family, and be a bountiful expression filled with the  fullness of celebration, with delicious foods and, with plenty of laughter and camaraderie.  We join you and look forward to a new year filled with abundant blessings, fabulous accomplishments and a celebrated life that is worth living. Whatever we have in mind will unfold perfectly in 2024! 

May this be a season of plentiful blessings, dazzling peace and a miraculous unfolding. May we remember that we are one human family, and that we are all  interconnected in such amazing ways… Let’s hold in our hearts the splendor of a  world at peace. Let’s rest in the knowledge that love is the only reality and that whatever unfolds is only a projection of our thoughts!

Let us set lofty targets, the ones that stretch our awareness and allow a new world consciousness to unfold – and just for fun… let us, in our mind’s eye, see this magnificent Blue pearl floating in Space that we all call home as the heaven that we dream it to be. Let’s hold the vision of our world at peace and our children safe and well cared for; a new wave of love suffusing every nook and cranny of every home filled with abundance.

Let us create in our minds the world reality we would wish to create and emanate love as the answer to all of our prayers.  Design a heaven that includes everyone everywhere and commit to having a New Year of peace in our world.  It is possible!!!  

May this be your time of unfolding magically and be smitten with the joy and magic of the season and rejoice in the peace of our planet.  Allow the infinitude of this moment to lift the veil of uncertainty and know deeply that Love is the answer.

May this be a holy time of a new awareness in the energy of plenty, the energy of Christmas and be In joy in the present moment.  Create from the space of plenty a time and space that is rigged with an abundance of deep affection for our human family.

From our hearts and hearth to yours we wish you a Happy and Blessed Holiday Season, and may this Christmas bring you the gifts of peace and happiness and an abundant New Year.

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