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I’m Starting Something New!

My Dear Family and Friends,

I am starting something new. Every experience in my life has left an indelible gift of understanding of what my path is in this lifetime. But it is with that yearning for expansion that I found that after 32 years in real estate my soul was longing for a change. I also discovered that after Living in my house in Duarte for 22 years I was feeling constrained and stuck. 

On February 14th 2020 we took a trip to visit the Central Coast of California to decide if this was a place where we would like to relocate. And so the adventure began to unfold. 

The pandemic brought me a gift. While sitting at home and decompressing from a lifetime of full-time work and releasing the idea that I had to do it all, I started to discover a side of me that I knew was there; although I had not allowed it to show up in my life. 

While Researching something different that I could do to generate an income while I continued learning that would also allow me to share what I was learning and make a difference in my world, I found Access Consciousness and felt that this was my next step. Taking classes and learning in a world where chaos is the predominant energy felt amazing. I discovered that I could be in touch with the hidden parts of me and still make a positive difference in the world.  

This revealing new life energy guided me to find the magic of what is possible in my life and I would like to extend an invitation for you to join me in my new marvelous adventure so you can discover the magic in your own life.

Please update my contact information and join me in discovering the wondrous tools that Access Consciousness provides and allow them to uncover the magic of your own life.

Mirna Morales

DRE # 01078535

Certified Bars Facilitator

Access Consciousness – Empowering People to know that they know.


P.S. Should you be in need of real estate help, I do still hold my broker’s license and my 32 years of experience, I would be honored to be considered for all of your real estate needs.