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A Malleable Reality

mal•le•a•ble (ˈmæl i ə bəl)


1. manageable, adaptable, compliant, impressionable, pliable, tractable, biddable, governable, like putty in your hands She was young enough to be malleable.

2. workable, soft, plastic, tensile, ductile Silver is the most malleable of all metals.

What if reality, as we know it, is malleable?  What does malleable mean?  Can we transform our reality into something that we absolutely love?  Is it possible that our thoughts and words can mold our reality in such a way that life becomes miraculous?  And if my reality IS MALLEABLE, how do I use this to change my daily life?

Just as clay is malleable…  You are the artist that creates the beautiful sculpture and in my life I have opted for a life that necessarily expands as my understanding expands…  What does that mean?  I decided to travel,  and take classes, to read books, and now with the advent of YouTube and podcasts I continue to watch and listen to new thought teachers to expand my knowledge. I listen to Dr. Mark Hyman on nutrition, to Dr. Dain Heer on consciousness, and to Dr. Reverend James Mellon and Dr. Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith on Spirituality, all who I have adopted as my teachers.  They are my Michael Angelo in their fields and promote my own growth and understanding.   “Being open at the top ” is one of the options I have decided that works for me in order to continue with my own spiritual growth.  Last week I traveled to Northern California to take a four day class called Foundation by Access Consciousness. The class was held at an enchanting winery that boasted magnificent views of the vineyard and surrounding mountains; so it was an amazing getaway to submerge myself in the opportunity and expand my mind. It was an amazing setting in which to focus and find the small voice inside me that likes discovering new things. This was my third Foundation class so I suppose you could say that I am a slow learner, and I might even have dismissed the class by this time as repetitive.  But the concepts repeatedly expressed and the profundity of the material changed me at the core of my consciousness. This time the class was deeper. It was a quaint class with only five women, but the wonderfully intimate environment just enhanced the experience; for me it was life transforming.  

The most interesting part is how simple it really is to change reality…  Choose differently and be the invitation to a new reality!!!  How simple is that?  

How do we choose differently?  Just ask a question… how can it get better than that?  Ask yourself, “What energy, space and consciousness can I and my body be that will allow my life to be a grand adventure?” or ask“What would create more money, more fun and more joy in my life?”  

It seems simple…  Because IT IS!!!  

I talk to a lot of people who continuously tell me their stories of how broken they are; how lonely they are and they bemoan whatever life transition they’re going through. This is what keeps them attached to their pain, their despair and their confusion. They identify so deeply with their pain that it becomes a literal and important aspect of who they are. They stay in the process of suffering and their demeanor and choices are all about suffering.  I am not saying that you should ignore your pain because pain is showing the way to liberation; what I am saying here is that we have the opportunity to transform pain into a different reality. We can and must choose differently, unless we like to live in the drama of life, in which case you can keep choosing the same reality and continue to live in pain… But WHY?

I learned a long time ago that I am responsible for my life and everything in it, so if I am response-able then I can choose a different reality!  I can choose to live in the freedom of choice and choose to step out of whatever painful situation and instead mold it differently. I can mold it to my advantage, mold it by stepping outside of the situation and see it from a different perspective.  This is where I get to refine the sculpture I call my life.

Change your focus. Remember that what you focus on expands…  Once again, ask a question that would potentially empower you…  How can I change this?

Create a target for yourself. Look towards joy, happiness, and abundance; what would create more of that in your life at this moment?  Ask yourself, “How can I lower my barriers and experience more love in my life?  What do I need to change in my mind and my surroundings that would allow for more peace in my life?”

Build a new daily practice…  This is an empowering way to begin your day… Every morning as you engage with life all over again to begin your day, sit in meditation and prayer. Write three things you are grateful for. Sit and contemplate a new, magnificent day and ask for it to be a grand and glorious adventure for you.  Decide that your life will improve from this moment forward, and that as you lift the veil of sorrow, scarcity and pain a new dimension of joy and abundance will show up with total ease and grace.  Knowing that something else is possible allows for more of life to show up.  

Amplify your inner light. Shine your love to our world. Take charge of your mind and expand your soul’s journey in this dimension at this time.  If you have no understanding of how to do this, find a coach, a minister or take a class. Read a book or find someone who will give you a hand and help you pull yourself out of the hole that you find yourself in. Ask for help and be willing to change.  This is a choice that is always available – to all of us!

Is reality malleable?  Absolutely…  It is all done by choice!  

Helen Keller said that life is either a daring adventure or nothing. I would add that we have to choose what we want in order to create it in our own lives; it is a universal law: the law of choice.  Learning that joy is an inside job gave me the opportunity to choose it, and to stop letting people and events determine my happiness. It is my choice to live in joy or to live in pain. What will you choose today?  As for me, today I choose to live in joy. I choose to allow my creative genius to take over and I step into the joy of writing. I will reach out for the things that will help me create more in my life!  What will you ask for today?  What will you choose today?  Remember life is either a daring adventure of nothing!  I choose to release the illusion of fear and to embrace the pure potentiality of a life well lived, will you join me in creating a grand adventure in your own life?  What else is possible in a Universe where we can choose to commune in nature, close our eyes and just know that there is so much beauty around us and that it is all here for us to delve into the energy of abundance when and as we choose it.  

Free yourself, release the shackles of pain, suffering, lack and death and start living in the joy of expansion, in the abundance of more blessings and more of your inner magnificent light!  And so it is, Amen!

Today I light a candle!

March 12th 2012 was the day my Mom released her physical body and joined the vibration of our ancestors in a plane of existence where she was no longer feeling her painful body. Though I miss her terribly, I am continuously grateful that she chose to no longer suffer. So, today is the 13th anniversary of my mom’s resurrection. I no longer choose to see her death as a painful event because I know that death is a reunification with our Source.

For all of us who miss a Soul that had chosen to release their painful body or decided to transition into the light I would say, rejoice; it was meant to be! Remember that love transcends death and that there is only life. A loved one’s life is to be celebrated instead of the continuous choice to suffer over their valiant decision to release the pain and embrace their own inner light. I’ve come to believe that death is the ultimate transition and a beautiful step into adopting the plentitude of God’s plan for all of us.

In the last couple of years, while we were all living through the pandemic, I chose to take classes. I chose to go deeper into my own understanding of my life choices of the choices of those around me – not in judgment, but with a greater understanding of what it means to live a life of choice. I am totally grateful for all of those amazing beings that have shown me the way of the ultimate life and death choice.

Now, I understand that Life is all about choices, and that consciously or unconsciously we are continually choosing in life. I am totally grateful for all of those amazing beings, like my mom, that have shown me the way and that have courageously chosen to transition into our forgotten next stage of life.

Now, when I think of my mom’s tremendous fight to remain alive through all her physical suffering – because as she said many times before she passed, she didn’t want to leave her children – the thought isn’t filled with sadness or regret. Now, I know that her love is present at every event we hold as family and her loving energy is always blessing us, her family.

Life is about choosing. Whether it is to stay alive or to accept the blessing of transitioning into the energy of love. As I was standing over her coffin and looking at my mother’s body so many years ago, I was able to perceive the loving energy between her now deceased body and our family surrounding her and honoring her life. So, today I take a deep breath in gratitude for the woman that gave me life and taught me to be the woman that I’ve become.

Thank you MOM. I stand in awe of your love and that of all of those souls that were here before us and opened the doors for us to follow. I choose to live in grateful recognition of your life and legacy.

In love and gratitude, your loving daughter!

Bars – A Simple Choice That Changes Lives

If I could tell you how much my life has changed since I started taking classes with Access Consciousness you would understand why I would say that taking a Bars class is a MUST. I would tell you that I had never understood that I could have and create a magical life that was easy and joyful…  just because…  With NO other reason than the recognition of my allowance to have it be so!

After years of searching for a way to live a life of ease and happiness, I stumbled upon Access Consciousness and found within it tools that lifted my awareness and opened a door to the ease and grace that comes through allowing.  What is allowing? According to the dictionary, allowing is the act of permitting or giving authorization for something.  This inner knowing or permission, once recognized, became the guiding force to what is MORE of my life, and was a jump into the kind of wholeness that I didn’t believe was possible for me in this lifetime.  I’ve since come to understand that finding and allowing this guiding force is what transforms a life from pain and suffering into a life of ease and grace. This inner knowing is the gentle road that leads to an absolute transformation from pain to greatness. 

After years of studying and with a firm belief in self awareness and the possibility of change, I’ve discovered that life is never-ending. As one of my teachers Dr. Ernest Holmes said, there is only life, that life is my life and that life is love.  A choice made from inner awareness is my key to creation, freedom and expansion.  This is what moves worlds and uplifts humankind into the next stage of evolution.  It is up to each one of us individually to choose how to improve our human existence.  What will you choose? The simple knowledge that we can choose is an amazing opportunity for the expansion of our human condition in the here and now.  How can life get any better than this?

Finding balance in one’s life may have a different meaning for each one of us.  For me finding balance means to find joy in the pursuit of a meaningful life experience.  Stopping every once in a while to take inventory of my emotional balance, my health and my monetary situation, helps me to recognize what needs rearranging or what needs to be let go of – or perhaps what is missing in my life at the moment to regain balance.  Working to maintain my mind, body and soul in alignment with my spiritual needs helps me see what adjustments are necessary without introducing major drama in my life.  I like it that way. I enjoy sitting in meditation to discover where I am blocking my flow.  Once disrupted, It can be difficult to regain balance at times. It can be a challenge to remove blockages from childhood that haven’t been acknowledged, or from past life events that possibly represent major obstacles that can make it incredibly difficult for transformation, but it is always possible to choose anew.   

In the search for meaning in my life I found many tools that I use to find balance and through which I choose to reimagine a life in balance.  It is not an easy task, but it is a necessary part of life if I want to release the suffering and drama from my life experience.  Tools such as rewriting my story allowed me to change my thoughts about what happened and embrace a different possibility for myself.  This helps heal the brokenness and introduces peace about past events that were painful; and accepting peace instead of the stories that had festered in my subconscious and directed my life.

Rewriting my story is a fabulous tool that has helped me step away from victimhood and into my own power.  It continuously empowers me to create a different reality, and to create from strength instead of victimhood.  I have chosen to stop listening to my sorry sob-stories and continuously reliving them.  Once I found out that we live in a free-choice Universe, and that my choices, my thoughts and my words continuously create, I decided to carefully choose what I say, to avoid repeating or speaking thoughts and words that bring so much negativity to my life. At some point I decided to choose joy.  And I found that at the beginning choosing joy was difficult, but the more I chose it, the more it became an automatic response within my soul. With each new choice I found that I was more content with life. My life was easier and  I was better able to create abundance in my life. The simple decision to choose joy has also helped me continuously to create and maintain a balance in my life.  Is it always perfect?  Not by a long shot. I am human and subject to what is going on in the world, but the time that it takes me to get back into clarity is now much shorter; it no longer takes me months or years to find joy again.

Of all the tools I’ve mentioned, each one a gift offering a more joyous life, the most potent tool of Access Consciousness for me has been the Bars training and my experiences giving and receiving Bars.  It totally changed my reality!  My first Bars practitioner and I exchanged Bars for over a year on a weekly basis and, honestly, it changed my life.  I found that exchanging Bars gave me the most glorious key to overcoming my mind’s negativity and opened a magnificent door to a clearer version of an empowered life; more so than I had ever experienced before.

If you are looking for a way out of any kind of misery, give me a call and schedule an individual session of Bars, or join me for my class on Saturday, the 18th of March.  Taking my Bars Training so I could become a licensed practitioner has been a road to something miraculous and filled my life with new discoveries, as well as a lot of release from negativity.  I am no longer suffering or living in anguish. Sure, life can be hard, but now I am empowered to choose differently. 

If you’re looking for a tool that can exponentially help you uplift your life, sign up for my Bars class.

I look forward to connecting with you and being the practitioner that opens a door to a more joyful you. It’s an invitation to a less stressed and a happier you!