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September’s Awakening

I had the thought the other day that for most of my life I’ve had a feeling of desperation about life and the need to stay ahead of the game of life; a need to control the outcome… Running for life as it were, and needing to have control over things that would have been so much easier to release to the Universal Goodness, to God and to the Holy Spirit through prayer and meditation… And blessing whatever was going on. Instead, I stressed and struggled and have lived a life of quiet desperation, as Henry David Thoreau so brilliantly reminded us in his writing.

So what now?

How does one allow life to unfold marvelously and intentionally without stressing over everything?

I was called to serve… After answering the call to facilitate A Course in Miracles now for the 3rd month I have realized how much I have grown spiritually, and how I’ve been able to center my thinking on the idea of oneness. After years of studying the Course of Miracles and facilitating classes, now I can see that what the course is teaching is a return to wholeness or as A Course in Miracles reminds us a return to right mindedness. A reminder that I don’t have to control the outcome. It is as simple as showing up and allowing the energy to guide me while in class. No longer do I have to have an opinion or a need to control, it is as simple as showing up open and receptive to the energy of the group.

Life seems to have stopped being a struggle and has become an extraordinary learning process and the energy of more in a balanced way. When I say balance, I am talking mostly about trusting that the Universe really has my back and that no matter what is going on in the exterior, the real me, the infinite part of me is always safe, abundant and joyful. I am not stuck, I don’t need to continue to command everything in life, now, life seems to be more effortless and joyful.

I have always had a natural inclination toward plants and a love for flowers. I feel most at ease while walking in nature and tending my garden. This has become my walking daily meditation. I seem to have a “green thumb” and I love to see my garden filled with flowers. I have a natural ability to choose plants and harmonize planted pots, plants love the way I take care of them and multiply with ease. Even now as I write about it my energy changed to the experience of tending my garden! What a joy it is to wake up in the morning and walk in the garden to see the flowers that bloomed that day; especially the ones that only flower at night and last only till morning. It is such a joy to discover new plants that I have not seen before. It reminds me of the beauty of being alive to experience the joy of walking, the joy of getting my toes wet in the sand when we walk at the beach, loving the sun and the wind on my skin. When I am gardening…. When I am walking on the beach, there is nothing else in the world, just my communion with nature and the ease of life at the moment. What can I create when I allow myself to enter into the knowingness that Godliness is so much more than the idea of a mundane life?

Living in the idea that my life is a metaphor for change and creativity and that I’ve lived trapped in the solidified beliefs that were implanted in my being-ness by society and by my parents way too long; not that any of that is wrong, but that it is time for me to allow a new idea of creation that is all mine. So, for the next part of my evolution as I grow in consciousness is a billion pieces of the puzzle of unveiling what more is possible?

Listening to the words of the Master: Know ye not that ye are Gods?


Accepting what Jesus taught (John 14:12) “that greater works than these will ye do” and now look at the sky scrapers and the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge and see that we concentrated in the miraculousness of expression in the material realm and that we have also found cures for many maladies of the human condition.

Isn’t it time now to birth a new idea of unlimited abundance and a deep connection with the Divine?

Is this the reality that is waiting to be revealed? And what does that mean?

Isn’t it time to bridge the gap between the ethereal and the material? And how do we begin????

We begin with the end in mind and with the energy we would love to create in our own reality, what is the miraculousness of my life that I am not currently seeing?

So what is heaven? Isn’t heaven an idea of living in an overwhelming attitude of appreciation and gratitude? A Course in Miracles says that “creating is how we increase the kingdom and give thanks to God for our own creation”.

If gratitude is the attitude and we are creating in unison with God then we already are living in a self created heaven because heaven is the living condition of gratitude that resides within us, and in how we live our lives.

Are you a giver or a taker? Because taking is the attitude of lack and giving opens the door to limitless abundance! What are you choosing?

So you see, for me, adopting the idea that to live in gratitude opens me to receiving the gifts the universe has stored for me and that my prayers are always answered, allows me to be open to receive!

Meandering through my story may help you understand my absolute knowing that my life is always unfolding in Divine perfection and my new mantra that All of Life Comes to me with Ease, and Joy and Glory. That when I begin to suffer and control my only question is what is right about this that I am not seeing? How can I create with ease and joy?

So I was going to say… the end, here, but really for me this is just the beginning and so I am ending with my beginnings!

Living in complete allowance to the infinite possibilities that have been offered to me in this lifetime without reservations and trusting that the part of me that is always connected to the matrix of life and to the Divine is taking me by the hand and guiding my every step towards the understanding that I am already awake and that I step into life filled with complete confidence and without reservations… That is the life that I am welcoming, that makes my life worth living!

I grew up with fear… I was taught to fear everything… releasing the fear opens infinite possibilities and the energy of having arrived. Knowing that there’s nothing more to do than to follow my joy and embrace my Godliness, because it is there, it is palpable. It is as real as breathing… Nothing to buy nor to do… just be in the energy of… godliness!!!!

I love what Maya Angelo said… that you do what you know how to do and when you know better you do better! Do we know better now? It is time to awaken to the reality of our God-liness!!! What else is possible when we open our mind to the energy of more?

August Harvest

Would you let this month be the most magical harvest in your life?

Did you know that August is known as the month of harvest?

In this magnificent month of harvest what are the things that you are harvesting in your life?

Are you ready to take a step into your dreams and engage in the blessings that your creative genius is rearing to bring to the world?

For me the most important everyday choice that I can make is to tune into the magic within me; a magic that is so ready to jump into existence and transform my life with ease. That is what it means to live a magical life! Allowing magic to show up in my life is letting my life be easy. It is following my intuition as the guiding light as I listen to the deeper knowing; something that sometimes I tune out.

Why this month? Why not do it all the time? Well, this month acts as my reminder that as I start a new month I have a brand new opportunity to create anew, and to choose again.

The act of choosing is so important because it is the beginning of creation, and as I follow the energy that builds worlds, I can also create magic for myself and others. I don’t do this by interfering in someone else’s creation, but by living in the generative energy of limitless possibility… Living in the possibility of freedom and abundance; living in the expansive energy of allowing for God’s blessings to be the norm, instead of living in the poverty of limiting thoughts. Choosing is also my way of becoming more aware of the ways in which I have been distracting myself from the magic. An energy that I can welcome into my life instead of wallowing in my thoughts of illness and scarcity. What the last few months have shown me is that it is all in the realm of my choice. Aligning with a higher intention for what I would like to create for this month can help bring about the possibility of more abundance and more creativity, things that are limited when I avoid choosing or recognizing that whatever is going on in life at the time is the reality in my life, and when I know that I can change it by tuning into a different reality. I know that I have the tools that can open the portal to a magical month and a magical mindset, and that it is my choice. How can it get any better than that?

Since April, when I was feeling that my energy was really low, I started asking my body to show me how to heal what was making it sick. The discovery that my questioning led me to was that all of the doctors appointments, and all the fear I was experiencing was rooted in a nutritional deficiency. That was causing me discomfort. Had I decided to listen to the cardiologist who told me that Atrial Fibrillation couldn’t be cured and acquiesced to taking massive doses of drugs to trick my body into surrendering to a condition, I would have missed the truth that with a simple change in diet and some added supplements could handle the issue. It is through listening to my body that I am living my best life.

Is choosing different the easiest way? No!!! Not at first.

Going against established beliefs is not easy – though it may be the only and best way to get to the true freedom of choice. The prospect of taking three different high blood pressure medications is absurd, especially when I can choose to change my diet, exercise and pray for a different outcome. This was my choice… to allow my awareness to guide me so I could have a life experience worth living.

I’m not guaranteeing that it is an easy choice to make. It implies taking charge of your life and making informed decisions. It means doing my own research and following the advice that resonates with my body and taking responsibility for my own body and health.

I’m learning to live in the question of what else is possible for my life? What is right about this that I am not seeing? What is my next step that will bring me to my best life? At every stage the open ended questions are the key to opening the door to the magical me… the whole me. This is my life worth living, this is my magical life. What is yours?

What gets you excited in the morning? What brings you joy? What is your best life?

Would you be open to considering that there may be more money, better health, and more amazing unending adventures for you at every point of your life?

This morning as I was in the kitchen making a cup of hot organic cacao, I had the realization of how fortunate I am. In fact, how amazingly super wealthy I am… No, not because I have millions of dollars in the bank account or because I live an extravagant life, but because I am living my dream life. Do you think that I dreamt that one day I would be living in a relaxed environment with my special person, and with the prospect of a new career doing what I dreamed of for years? Did I ask for the universe to give me a huge house, an expensive car and a large bank account? No!

I prayed for an abundant life. I prayed for life to be easy and I prayed to be guided to my best yet to be life and today I was able to recognize that I am there. I am in deep appreciation of my special refuge from the world, my amazing relationship with an amazing man who loves me and makes me laugh – someone who loves a lot of the same things I do (like eating whole foods, walking, reading and going to church together).

I have been able to finally heal my body in a way that my body is finally comfortable being alive and generating the energy to do and be all that is possible at this time in my life. And it all started with gratitude and prayer. My prayer is a continual conversation with my Beloved and knowing that the energy of God is always with me.

Starting with my intention to choose to live in a generative energy of love and gratitude, allowing the energy to guide me and recognizing that this is really the only way to fulfill my dreams. It is trusting that I am moving in the right direction because of how I feel and following my joy.

How and what are you harvesting in your own life? Are you asking questions that will bring you joy? It is your harvest, one of drama and pain. What are you choosing?

A Malleable Reality

mal•le•a•ble (ˈmæl i ə bəl)


1. manageable, adaptable, compliant, impressionable, pliable, tractable, biddable, governable, like putty in your hands She was young enough to be malleable.

2. workable, soft, plastic, tensile, ductile Silver is the most malleable of all metals.

What if reality, as we know it, is malleable?  What does malleable mean?  Can we transform our reality into something that we absolutely love?  Is it possible that our thoughts and words can mold our reality in such a way that life becomes miraculous?  And if my reality IS MALLEABLE, how do I use this to change my daily life?

Just as clay is malleable…  You are the artist that creates the beautiful sculpture and in my life I have opted for a life that necessarily expands as my understanding expands…  What does that mean?  I decided to travel,  and take classes, to read books, and now with the advent of YouTube and podcasts I continue to watch and listen to new thought teachers to expand my knowledge. I listen to Dr. Mark Hyman on nutrition, to Dr. Dain Heer on consciousness, and to Dr. Reverend James Mellon and Dr. Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith on Spirituality, all who I have adopted as my teachers.  They are my Michael Angelo in their fields and promote my own growth and understanding.   “Being open at the top ” is one of the options I have decided that works for me in order to continue with my own spiritual growth.  Last week I traveled to Northern California to take a four day class called Foundation by Access Consciousness. The class was held at an enchanting winery that boasted magnificent views of the vineyard and surrounding mountains; so it was an amazing getaway to submerge myself in the opportunity and expand my mind. It was an amazing setting in which to focus and find the small voice inside me that likes discovering new things. This was my third Foundation class so I suppose you could say that I am a slow learner, and I might even have dismissed the class by this time as repetitive.  But the concepts repeatedly expressed and the profundity of the material changed me at the core of my consciousness. This time the class was deeper. It was a quaint class with only five women, but the wonderfully intimate environment just enhanced the experience; for me it was life transforming.  

The most interesting part is how simple it really is to change reality…  Choose differently and be the invitation to a new reality!!!  How simple is that?  

How do we choose differently?  Just ask a question… how can it get better than that?  Ask yourself, “What energy, space and consciousness can I and my body be that will allow my life to be a grand adventure?” or ask“What would create more money, more fun and more joy in my life?”  

It seems simple…  Because IT IS!!!  

I talk to a lot of people who continuously tell me their stories of how broken they are; how lonely they are and they bemoan whatever life transition they’re going through. This is what keeps them attached to their pain, their despair and their confusion. They identify so deeply with their pain that it becomes a literal and important aspect of who they are. They stay in the process of suffering and their demeanor and choices are all about suffering.  I am not saying that you should ignore your pain because pain is showing the way to liberation; what I am saying here is that we have the opportunity to transform pain into a different reality. We can and must choose differently, unless we like to live in the drama of life, in which case you can keep choosing the same reality and continue to live in pain… But WHY?

I learned a long time ago that I am responsible for my life and everything in it, so if I am response-able then I can choose a different reality!  I can choose to live in the freedom of choice and choose to step out of whatever painful situation and instead mold it differently. I can mold it to my advantage, mold it by stepping outside of the situation and see it from a different perspective.  This is where I get to refine the sculpture I call my life.

Change your focus. Remember that what you focus on expands…  Once again, ask a question that would potentially empower you…  How can I change this?

Create a target for yourself. Look towards joy, happiness, and abundance; what would create more of that in your life at this moment?  Ask yourself, “How can I lower my barriers and experience more love in my life?  What do I need to change in my mind and my surroundings that would allow for more peace in my life?”

Build a new daily practice…  This is an empowering way to begin your day… Every morning as you engage with life all over again to begin your day, sit in meditation and prayer. Write three things you are grateful for. Sit and contemplate a new, magnificent day and ask for it to be a grand and glorious adventure for you.  Decide that your life will improve from this moment forward, and that as you lift the veil of sorrow, scarcity and pain a new dimension of joy and abundance will show up with total ease and grace.  Knowing that something else is possible allows for more of life to show up.  

Amplify your inner light. Shine your love to our world. Take charge of your mind and expand your soul’s journey in this dimension at this time.  If you have no understanding of how to do this, find a coach, a minister or take a class. Read a book or find someone who will give you a hand and help you pull yourself out of the hole that you find yourself in. Ask for help and be willing to change.  This is a choice that is always available – to all of us!

Is reality malleable?  Absolutely…  It is all done by choice!  

Helen Keller said that life is either a daring adventure or nothing. I would add that we have to choose what we want in order to create it in our own lives; it is a universal law: the law of choice.  Learning that joy is an inside job gave me the opportunity to choose it, and to stop letting people and events determine my happiness. It is my choice to live in joy or to live in pain. What will you choose today?  As for me, today I choose to live in joy. I choose to allow my creative genius to take over and I step into the joy of writing. I will reach out for the things that will help me create more in my life!  What will you ask for today?  What will you choose today?  Remember life is either a daring adventure of nothing!  I choose to release the illusion of fear and to embrace the pure potentiality of a life well lived, will you join me in creating a grand adventure in your own life?  What else is possible in a Universe where we can choose to commune in nature, close our eyes and just know that there is so much beauty around us and that it is all here for us to delve into the energy of abundance when and as we choose it.  

Free yourself, release the shackles of pain, suffering, lack and death and start living in the joy of expansion, in the abundance of more blessings and more of your inner magnificent light!  And so it is, Amen!

Today I light a candle!

March 12th 2012 was the day my Mom released her physical body and joined the vibration of our ancestors in a plane of existence where she was no longer feeling her painful body. Though I miss her terribly, I am continuously grateful that she chose to no longer suffer. So, today is the 13th anniversary of my mom’s resurrection. I no longer choose to see her death as a painful event because I know that death is a reunification with our Source.

For all of us who miss a Soul that had chosen to release their painful body or decided to transition into the light I would say, rejoice; it was meant to be! Remember that love transcends death and that there is only life. A loved one’s life is to be celebrated instead of the continuous choice to suffer over their valiant decision to release the pain and embrace their own inner light. I’ve come to believe that death is the ultimate transition and a beautiful step into adopting the plentitude of God’s plan for all of us.

In the last couple of years, while we were all living through the pandemic, I chose to take classes. I chose to go deeper into my own understanding of my life choices of the choices of those around me – not in judgment, but with a greater understanding of what it means to live a life of choice. I am totally grateful for all of those amazing beings that have shown me the way of the ultimate life and death choice.

Now, I understand that Life is all about choices, and that consciously or unconsciously we are continually choosing in life. I am totally grateful for all of those amazing beings, like my mom, that have shown me the way and that have courageously chosen to transition into our forgotten next stage of life.

Now, when I think of my mom’s tremendous fight to remain alive through all her physical suffering – because as she said many times before she passed, she didn’t want to leave her children – the thought isn’t filled with sadness or regret. Now, I know that her love is present at every event we hold as family and her loving energy is always blessing us, her family.

Life is about choosing. Whether it is to stay alive or to accept the blessing of transitioning into the energy of love. As I was standing over her coffin and looking at my mother’s body so many years ago, I was able to perceive the loving energy between her now deceased body and our family surrounding her and honoring her life. So, today I take a deep breath in gratitude for the woman that gave me life and taught me to be the woman that I’ve become.

Thank you MOM. I stand in awe of your love and that of all of those souls that were here before us and opened the doors for us to follow. I choose to live in grateful recognition of your life and legacy.

In love and gratitude, your loving daughter!

Do I really be in a relationship to be whole?

Do we really need to be joined to another in order to be whole?

Do we need to dance with another in order to revel in the symphony of life?

Or, perhaps this dancing through life is the most exhilarating adventure of the whole of oneness, always in the knowledge that one equals the all-ness of God? So, do we embrace our oneness and choose joy in everyday occurrences, or do we continuously yearn to be in union with another – and by doing so thus bypass our own inner strength and power? Standing with another is a blessing and one that I am personally grateful for, but it does not replace my own individuality and independence or my enjoyment of life.

Standing on the shore if you have never seen the ocean before, you are enthralled by its beauty and so it is that when you choose to see how amazingly beautiful you are and understand that you are whole, perfect and complete as the one, you come to realize that minimizing Yourself is no longer a part of your path. Though it may take years of continuous learning to release the solidified ideas of who you thought you were, you will come to the understanding that you and the father are one and that this is the most important connection that you will ever need to create the life of your dreams. Seeing the power of the one and releasing the idea that in order to be whole you need an entourage is true power. I and my Father are one!!!

So…. What’s open for one? The infinitude of universal bliss? The limitless abundance of Universal power? The undeniably certitude that God heals and protects and that I am totally and completely loved and healed by the Universal blessing?

I am loved and protected in every aspect of my being and I know that it is all temporary and healing has already been done and the blessings are always pouring into my physical, spiritual and mental vessel!

I know that the idea of death implies a splendid Resurrección and that it is all included on my ticket – provided before I arrived, and so the fear of what’s next is dissolved, destroyed and uncreated because in my heart of hearts I know that it is all God and that God is Love!

How do we return to the one? Who is the one anyways? What is the essence of the one? Is it possible to love another while being totally disconnected from the one?

Am I speaking about the oneness of God here? Am I talking about forces outside of oneself? What does it mean to love The One?

Returning to the Oneness of our connection to the Divine can only be accomplished when we love ourselves. The One that I am talking about here is you, and me and loving the essence of ourselves. Even when we abhor something we did, or some action we took, being able to look into the mirror and love the reflection is step one. Moving in the direction of loving ourselves has to be the first step to loving our father as he loves us. Loving and accepting our idiosyncrasies and learning to forgive precedes every other step… How then, do we commence the process of returning to the ONE?

Perhaps the steps ahead are so individual that making a list or giving advice is not appropriate here, but when we begin with the idea that loving ourselves and being grateful for who and what we are is the beginning of a joyful and prosperous life, and that when we are not loving ourselves we can’t really love anyone else, we can see how imperative it is to look to ourselves as the Miracle that we are. Love begins with self-care. Love begins with allowance of our foibles and all the things that we hate about ourselves. How will self-love begin for you?

For me, the beginning of self love begins with the recognition that I am more than a physical body and that I am required to love and kindly care for my physical self in order to care and love another. For me, it started with doing the things that brought joy into my life and releasing all of the ideas that I needed to accumulate stuff in order to be happy. In fact, I started decluttering my house, my closets and stuff in my life that, while looking back, seemed so important – until they weren’t. Material possessions are just that material, and the accumulation of it was not making me happy. It was when I started decluttering that my life opened up and the people that needed to be in my life started to show up. For me, it was like opening a window to my soul… It wasn’t about money, trinkets or any of the stuff that society seems to have such a strong belief in accumulating, it was decluttering the house, the closets and all the ideas and beliefs that were not even mine.

I started to really look at what made me happy; reading a book, writing, walking in nature, meditating and my spiritual practice that opened the window to the most amazing and rewarding life that I am now living. Am I ultra-wealthy absolutely… It started with the recognition that money is not happiness, abundance is. Abundance, in my opinion, has nothing to do with money. Abundance has to do with joy and enjoyment of life. When I started to find happiness in my life it was as if magic started to show up and life became easier. It was a natural, easy and kind process. When I started saying “yes” to the part of me who loved to write, loved walking in nature and loved just having a conversation just for the joy that – life changed.

What will it take for you to love yourself so much that your life transforms into the life of your dreams? What will it take for you to be who you truly are? What will it take for your life to unfold magnificently? Perhaps just the recognition of your true nature, the recognition of your majestic heritage.

Whatever that may be, may this Valentine’s Day be the most glorious day of your entire life!

Dear Universe,

As I sit here with warm soup in hand, I’m writing you this note on a beautifully cool and cloudy day, and my intention is to allow my dreams to surface. I am expressing my requests to you, just to make sure that we are on the same page. I know that the clearer my mind is about my request, the more simply they will manifest. While complete understanding is not necessary, I am asking for a clearer picture to develop in my mind. I am sitting here visualizing my new year and my intention for this year is unobstructed flow… I see a freely flowing and painless, though substantial growth, and I exuberantly expect with open arms the blessing of what more is possible in my life – knowing that all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory.

Letting go of the illusion and knowing that working hard is a concept that belongs to this world I make way for the magic of Universal flow, and bask in the ease and grace and continuous and amazing energy that only says yes! My nascent understanding reveals that this reality is malleable. I am a meta human; I am consciousness. I am power and I am awareness. I am creativity and I am money – that regenerative energetic flow of all wonderful things that can make life even more interesting. This New year, I choose to travel first class in everything I do; including traveling to Florence, Italy and to Australia, Costa Rica and so many more fascinating and exotic places. Who knows? Maybe even return to Houston to take more classes. Fear and lack be damned!!!

My intention for this new year is to live as a model of the most amazing creation I can design, not only for myself, but for my family, for my life, for my house, for my relationships, and for my finances. I live from the inside out. I live from the knowing that I am one with it all – that I am the Universal flow itself right in this very moment. I don’t need anything to be happy. I don’t need gadgets that I sometimes surprise myself by acquiring, nor do I need any outside influx to come in so I can be the allness of my dreams. I know that I am enough just as I am right now; and even when fear overcomes my amazing intention there is that within me that knows of my greatness, and even as I jump off the precipice my wings open up to gently carry me down to safety.

My dreams are already manifested because I know of the creative power that is constantly generating the creative impulse within me. It is the realization of intention and the response is always yes. When I turn to the truth of my being I know that manifesting my dreams and desires is my Divine inheritance, my nature, and my right.
I allow the natural flow of the Universe and know that everything that happens enters my life in a state of Divine order for my well being. I know that I am linked and always connected to my highest good because I am the luminescence of Spirit showing up as me and that my Divine imprint is always the truest essence of me!

I know that I always attract the right people and the right circumstances for my unfoldment, and that it is always easy; struggles be damned!!!

I live with a feeling of unbridled optimism for what is showing up in my life, and that I attract the perfect circumstances for my classes. I attract students that are willing and able to commit and to pay. The ones that come are the ones that are looking for the energy that I offer which is what best serves their intention to grow.
Real estate clients come and find me with a solid intention to buy or to sell; and that either occurrence happens with complete ease. They also stand in allowance of their own energetic flow in every circumstance.
Health is also unfolding in Divine perfection and constant success is always available for me to choose. All healing accompanies every ache and pain, and each is showing me the way to heal my body and fortify my soul.
An amazing flow of financial energy accompanies every class, and with every transaction I know that I am always taken care of.
All of my relationships are in a flow of energy that benefits everyone. It instills a sense of purity and love in every interaction..

This is my year to shine! Everything that is needed to support my creative purpose rides a tide of energy flowing with ease, and always presents itself instantaneously with perfect timing. I am FREE to be me in 2023!

Dear Universe – I know I can be wordy and so please; bear with me as you listen to the following requests:

Clear and luminescent signals helping guide our paths from the higher dimensions
Clarity of intention that the path be the most direct
A bubbly excitement and effervescence that leaves a trail of joy wherever I go
To see a clearer reflection of the spirit of love in every interaction
The true Essence of me to finally show the way and allow to fall away all that does not represent the divinity of my essence

What else do I expect? Money: To ride the flow of financial energies and allow all transactions to be of divine purpose and inevitability
To present a clear availability and calling to all students in search of what I can offer
To recognize the absolute success of every aspect of my life and be grateful
That my ideas of living well find the true reflection in my present life
A feeling of optimism for what is coming and to recognize and bask in the guaranteed optimism that follows your support
That I be a crystalline channel for all of my students on their paths of awakening
To see clearly the perfect expression of love and partnership in my relationship, and continue to contribute wholly to its growth
To release any ideas that hold me tethered to worldly demands of success
To release the limiting sense that I need to control how You provide for all my dreams
To know that my dreams are worthy of my reality
To know that all manifests with ease and presence
To forgive myself and know that I don’t I have a reason not to show my light, exactly as I am
To forgive and allow others to express their individuality as is appropriate for them – which they will always show me by their actions
To bathe in the acceptance of the truth of my divine nature
To release whatever fears stand in the way of fully expressing my creative potency and learn to manipulate my reality and create my soul’s image and purpose
To lose the fear of my greatness and to let it shine right through
To RELEASE the blanket of I don’t knows that have kept me stuck in the muck

Dear Universe, I know this is a long list and I also know that it is in Your good time and a potential whose accomplishment can happen in the blink of an eye, and that it is already transformed. Thank you for your help in getting this long list checked and completed, and for showing me the way to more of me and more of what else is possible in my life. I am so grateful and so in love with the person I’ve become, I am doing what I had always said I wanted to do and be, this is so amazing!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And so it is! Amen!



Querido Universo,

Mientras estoy sentada aquí con sopa caliente en la mano, te escribo esta nota en un hermoso día fresco y nublado, y mi intención es permitir que mis sueños salgan a la superficie. Te estoy expresando mis solicitudes, solo para asegurarme de que estamos en la misma página. Sé que cuanto más clara esté mi mente acerca de mi pedido, más simplemente se manifestarán. Si bien no es necesaria una comprensión completa, estoy pidiendo que se desarrolle una imagen más clara en mi mente. Estoy sentada aquí visualizando mi nuevo año y mi intención para este año es fluir sin obstrucciones… Veo un crecimiento que fluye libremente e indoloro, aunque sustancial, y espero con entusiasmo con los brazos abiertos la bendición de que más es posible en mi vida: saber que toda la vida viene a mí con facilidad, alegría y gloria.

Dejando ir la ilusión y sabiendo que trabajar duro es un concepto que pertenece a este mundo, doy paso a la magia del flujo universal, y disfruto de la facilidad, la gracia y la energía continua y sorprendente que solo dice ¡sí! Mi comprensión naciente revela que esta realidad es maleable. Soy un metahumano; Soy conciencia. Soy poder y soy conocimiento. Soy creatividad y soy dinero: ese flujo energético regenerador de todas las cosas maravillosas que pueden hacer que la vida sea aún más interesante. Este Año Nuevo, elijo viajar en primera clase en todo lo que hago; incluyendo viajar a Florencia, Italia y Australia, Costa Rica y tantos lugares más fascinantes y exóticos. ¿Quién sabe? Tal vez incluso regrese a Houston para tomar más clases. ¡¡¡Malditos sean el miedo y la carencia!!!

Mi intención para este nuevo año es vivir como modelo de la creación más asombrosa que yo pueda diseñar, no solo para mí, sino para mi familia, para mi vida, para mi casa, para mis relaciones y para mis finanzas. Vivo de adentro hacia afuera. Vivo sabiendo que soy una con todo, que soy el mismo flujo universal justo en este mismo momento. No necesito nada para ser feliz. No necesito artilugios que a veces me sorprendo adquiriendo, ni necesito ninguna afluencia externa para poder ser la totalidad de mis sueños. Sé que soy suficiente tal como soy ahora; e incluso cuando el miedo supera mi asombrosa intención, hay algo dentro de mí que sabe de mi grandeza, e incluso cuando saltó del precipicio, mis alas se abren para llevar suavemente a un lugar seguro.

Mis sueños ya están manifestados porque sé del poder creativo que constantemente está generando el impulso creativo dentro de mí. Es la realización de la intención y la respuesta es siempre sí. Cuando me vuelvo a la verdad de mi ser sé que manifestar mis sueños y deseos es mi herencia Divina, mi naturaleza y mi derecho.

Permito el fluir natural del Universo y sé que todo lo que sucede entra en mi vida en un estado de orden Divino para mi bienestar. ¡Sé que estoy vinculado y siempre conectado a mi mayor bien porque soy la luminiscencia del Espíritu que se muestra como yo y que mi huella Divina es siempre la esencia más verdadera de mí!

Sé que siempre atraigo a las personas adecuadas y las circunstancias adecuadas para mi desenvolvimiento, y que siempre es fácil; ¡¡¡Malditas sean las luchas!!!

Vivo con un sentimiento de optimismo desenfrenado por lo que se va presentando en mi vida, y que atraigo las circunstancias perfectas para mis clases. Atraigo estudiantes que están dispuestos y son capaces de comprometerse y pagar. Los que vienen son los que están buscando la energía que les ofrezco que es la que mejor sirve a su intención de crecer.

Los clientes inmobiliarios vienen a buscarme con una firme intención de comprar o vender; y que cualquier ocurrencia sucede con total facilidad. También están en concesión de su propio flujo energético en cada circunstancia.

La salud también se está desarrollando en la perfección Divina y el éxito constante siempre está disponible para que yo elija. Toda sanación acompaña cada dolor y cada dolor, y cada uno me muestra el camino para sanar mi cuerpo y fortalecer mi alma.

Un asombroso flujo de energía financiera acompaña cada clase, y con cada transacción sé que siempre me cuidan.

Todas mis relaciones están en un flujo de energía que es beneficioso para todos. Infunde una sensación de pureza y amor en cada interacción.

¡Este es mi año para brillar! Todo lo que se necesita para respaldar mi propósito creativo cabalga sobre una marea de energía que fluye con facilidad y siempre se presenta instantáneamente en el momento perfecto. ¡Soy LIBRE de ser yo en 2023!

Querido Universo – Sé que puedo ser prolijo, por favor; ten paciencia conmigo mientras escuchan las siguientes solicitudes:

Señales claras y luminiscentes que ayudan a guiar nuestros caminos desde las dimensiones superiores

Claridad de intención de que el camino sea el más directo.

Una emoción burbujeante y efervescencia que deja un rastro de alegría donde quiera que yo vaya

Para ver un reflejo más claro del espíritu de amor en cada interacción.

La verdadera esencia de mí para finalmente mostrar el camino y permitir que se desvanezca todo lo que no representa la divinidad de mi esencia.

¿Qué más espero? 

Dinero: para montar el flujo de energías financieras y permitir que todas las transacciones tengan un propósito divino e inevitable..

Presentar una clara disponibilidad y llamado a todos los estudiantes en busca de lo que puedo ofrecer.

Reconocer el éxito absoluto de cada aspecto de mi vida y estar agradecido

Que mis ideas de vivir bien encuentren el verdadero reflejo en mi vida presente

Un sentimiento de optimismo por lo que viene y reconocer y disfrutar del optimismo garantizado que sigue a su apoyo.

Que yo sea un canal cristalino para todos mis alumnos en sus caminos del despertar

Ver claramente la expresión perfecta de amor y compañerismo en mi relación, y continuar contribuyendo totalmente a su crecimiento.

Para liberar cualquier idea que me mantenga atado a las demandas mundanas de éxito.

Para liberar el sentido limitante de que necesito controlar cómo provees para todos mis sueños

Saber que mis sueños son dignos de mi realidad

Saber que todo se manifiesta con facilidad y presencia.

Para perdonarme y saber que no tengo una razón para no mostrar mi luz, tal como soy

Perdonar y permitir que otros expresen su individualidad como sea apropiado para ellos, lo cual siempre me mostrarán con sus acciones.

Para bañarme en la aceptación de la verdad de mi naturaleza divina

Liberar cualquier temor que se interponga en el camino de expresar plenamente mi potencia creativa y aprender a manipular mi realidad y crear la imagen y el propósito de mi alma.

Perder el miedo a mi grandeza y dejar que brille a través

LIBERAR el manto de no sé que me ha mantenido atascada en el fango

Querido Universo, sé que esta es una lista larga y también sé que está en Tu buen momento y un potencial cuya realización puede suceder en un abrir y cerrar de ojos, y que ya está transformado. Gracias por tu ayuda para revisar y completar esta larga lista, y por mostrarme el camino hacia más de mí y más de lo que es posible en mi vida. Estoy tan agradecida y tan enamorada de la persona en la que me he convertido, estoy haciendo lo que siempre dije que quería hacer y ser, ¡esto es tan increíble!

¡Gracias, gracias, gracias!

¡Y así es! ¡Amén!


Happy Thanksgiving

“Don’t minimize your light to fit into a situation in your life, be the gift that you’re meant to be. That is the only place where your soul can thrive. You are a gift to the world, you are the Divine made manifest in our world; act accordingly!” Michael Beckwith

My life of gratitude begins with my eyes closed and giving thanks for my life and the magnificent day ahead of me. My day begins with saying thanks for this bountiful and sunny day in which I get to play and from which I receive so many blessings from the Universe. I am grateful for my life, for my health, for my family, for my children, for my ancestors and for my current life circumstances. I give thanks for all of it; for the past, for the now and for all the miraculous and magical that is still to come.

I am grateful to be alive playing in this amazing playground we call earth. I give thanks for the beauty, I give thanks for the magic of waking up and watching the birds bathe in the water in the fountain in front of my house. I give thanks for each and every flower whose blossoms decorate my garden. I love to watch the dance that each butterfly performs while visiting those dignified flowers. I give thanks for the magnificence I feel inside of me. I give thanks for this deep and abiding connection with the Divine that is with me 24/7 and never diminished. It is always open and available, even in those days when I am tired or feeling sick – and even on those days when I didn’t do the right thing. Those days when my mind is filled with dark clouds, even then I know that this Universal opening that is always available, and who I am is never dimmed. It is always shining as a guide and pushing me forward toward my best life. It simply awaits my choice.

Listening to the idea that we are all one and embracing the fluidity of the dancing energy of oneness, I allow my mind to join in that energy of perfection and completion. I know that all is well, even though there are so many crazy stories that focus on the chaos in our world I know that by living in this magical turbulence it means that all things that no longer serve my growth are being cleansed and in their place more of that which is beautiful can appear. I help change the chaotic world with my own emergence.

I know that living in question (and outside assumption) opens the doors to infinite possibilities. I choose to see chaos, turbulence and fear as humanity’s steps into the glorious possibility of emerging as the new and improved human Being – one that is resilient, calm and composed. This idea is one I am the most grateful for!

Knowing that Gratitude, Magic and possibility are the atmosphere and realm of this emergence, I plant myself in the turbulence of this change and give thanks for all of my blessings.

So, here I raise my voice to say THANK YOU for the amazing blessing you are in my life! I am so humbled by your friendship and your love and the opportunity to partake of this energy of unity, love and thanksgiving. I welcome the season of generosity of spirit. I am open to ever more of this amazing life. I am so grateful!!!


¡Feliz día de acción de gracias!

“No minimices tu luz para encajar en una situación de tu vida, sé el regalo que estás destinado a ser. Ese es el único lugar donde tu alma puede prosperar. Eres un regalo para el mundo, eres lo Divino manifestado en nuestro mundo; ¡actúa acorde!” Michael Beckwith

Mi vida de gratitud comienza con los ojos cerrados y dando gracias por mi vida y por el magnífico día que tengo por delante. Mi día comienza dando las gracias por este día abundante y soleado en el que puedo jugar en este espacio sagrado y del que recibo tantas bendiciones del Universo. Estoy agradecida por mi vida, por mi salud, por mi familia, por mis hijos, por mis ancestros y por las circunstancias de mi vida actual. Doy gracias por todo ello; por el pasado, por el ahora y por todo lo milagroso y mágico que aún está por venir.

Estoy agradecida de estar viva jugando en este increíble patio de recreo que llamamos planeta tierra. Doy gracias por la belleza, doy gracias por la magia de despertar y ver a los pájaros bañarse en el agua de la fuente frente a mi casa. Doy gracias por todas y cada una de las flores cuyos capullos decoran mi jardín. Me encanta ver la danza que realiza cada mariposa mientras visita esas flores dignas. Doy gracias por la magnificencia que siento dentro de mí. Doy gracias por esta conexión profunda y permanente con lo Divino que está conmigo las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana y nunca disminuye. Siempre está abierto y disponible, incluso en los días en que estoy cansada o enferma, e incluso en los días en que no hice lo correcto. Esos días en que mi mente está llena de nubes oscuras, incluso entonces sé que esta apertura universal que siempre está disponible y que nunca se oscurece está ahí presente. Siempre está brillando como una guía y empujándome hacia mi mejor vida. Simplemente espera mi elección.

Al escuchar la idea de que todos somos uno y abrazar la fluidez de la energía danzante de la unidad, permito que mi mente se una a esa energía de perfección y finalización. Sé que todo está bien, aunque hay tantas historias locas que se centran en el caos de nuestro mundo. Sé que vivir en esta turbulencia mágica significa que todas las cosas que ya no sirven para mi crecimiento están siendo limpiadas y en su lugar puede aparecer más de lo que es hermoso. Ayudó a cambiar el mundo caótico con mi propio surgimiento.

Sé que vivir en cuestión (y fuera de la suposición) abre las puertas a infinitas posibilidades. Elijo ver el caos, la turbulencia y el miedo como los pasos de la humanidad hacia la gloriosa posibilidad de emerger como el nuevo y mejorado Ser humano, uno que es resistente, tranquilo y sereno. ¡Esta idea es una de las cuales estoy más agradecida!

Sabiendo que la Gratitud, la Magia y la posibilidad son la atmósfera y el reino de este surgimiento, me planto en la turbulencia de este cambio y doy gracias por todas mis bendiciones.

Entonces, aquí levanto mi voz para decir ¡GRACIAS por la increíble bendición que eres en mi vida! Me siento muy honrado por su amistad y tu amor y la oportunidad de participar de esta energía de unidad, amor y acción de gracias. Doy la bienvenida a la temporada de la generosidad de espíritu. Estoy abierta cada vez más a esta increíble vida. ¡¡¡Estoy muy agradecida!!!
¡Feliz día de acción de gracias!

Meditating out loud

Meditating Out Loud 

August 9th, 2022

I want to give myself completely to life; not just a part of myself, but to completely invest every cell of my being into my relationships and into my work! I don’t want to numb myself between the blows and challenges of life, but to overcome them and see the far side of the challenge and find the best version of myself.

I want to be happy with my partner in everything. If I wash dishes, then find the idiosyncrasies of washing dishes until experiencing the ecstasy of washing dishes. And if it is in bed, I will be the artist that paints the art of love in colors and will give all of myself in that moment. Not only to achieve orgasm, but to be wholly in the process of the experience; to give everything and to receive everything. I think that’s what life is about!

I give 100% of myself and am free to accept the same from any other person. To live my life without reserve and without fear of what others will say. I want to shout from the rooftops that I am free, that I am powerful, passionate and extraordinary in every aspect of my being. Only now I want to do it with the gentleness of my being, with the tenderness of Mirnita (my inner child) that does not encourage sacrifice or necessitate that I hurt myself or be hurt. Now I do it from the liberated choice to be more of myself. I want a man who knows how to give himself in the same way as I do, and who acknowledges me and sees my reflection in the Universe; because that’s me, “The ocean in a drop.” Rumi

Let him be full of love and passion and be willing to give everything in exchange for receiving everything. In order to give it my all, I first must  have the wisdom to make the choice and the commitment of a lifetime. From this point of view and from this place I can forgive, and as a human being I have compassion. But I choose now to see the majesty of my being and put my feet squarely on holy ground and proudly say, “I have a great marriage and a blessed business. I was able to overcome (incorporate my own shadow) my own demons and realize my dreams of life’s fulfillment.”

I had forged a path and little by little I had moved away from my dream to focus on something or someone that did not fulfill me. Now, after the storms of my learning I began to search within myself for the strength to realize that I had allowed this to create such destruction as to leave my life in pieces.

In those days of solitude and meditation, time dedicated to healing my body and my heart, I found that for which I truly sought. I recognized that since I was a child, I had felt energy around me. I perceived the energy of those around me, as well as the energies seemingly beyond this world.  I always felt that I was somehow different, and at the same time that I had something inside of me that would become my purpose for being. Transformation, according to our society, requires a lot of material success. Yet, I always thought that true success was to reach spiritual enlightenment, and I have focused on discovering self-realization within my being. I believe that monetary success is the result of doing what we are passionate about and I consider it our duty to find that desire and satisfy it.

I had been searching for what produces that feeling in me for years. I know that I love to write. I am very proud to have facilitated A Course in Miracle for many years and how all that I’ve learned has led me to my focus on the Access Consciousness classes. I consider that the treasure that God has placed inside of my heart. It is the fulfillment in finding that treasure that makes finding the purpose of our lives so important. I believe that the purpose that I call my vision and my mission is that incredible desire to create and share it with others. The clearer it is in my being, the easier it is to do it and the more joy I derive from giving it to others. The genuine desire to excel drives us to share and leads us to focus us on our growth.

God gave us the power of choice and creation, and it is through developing that creative power that helps us to heal our souls; and our planet. There are times when something or someone comes into our lives to help us clarify our life’s purpose. They help us surrender to the creative space that teaches us to value our individual contributing power as a sacred space; and although it seems unattainable, is inevitable and highly achievable. Thus, it is the thing that causes pain and anxiety within us that drives us to recognize more of ourselves and choose a new path of creativity.

I feel completely calm and ready for a new dawn. I have a new life choice and a completely broad purpose to be more. In order to receive more than what I can currently accept from the Universe, I consciously direct my thinking toward the following: I find myself in a wonderful buffet where the most exquisite dishes are served and now I choose the best dishes for myself. Today I do not live in lack or limitation.  Today I live from the unlimited and boundless aspect of my being. Today I live from the luminosity of my spirit and I say yes to receiving more money. Yes to more love. Yes to greater health and more knowledge. There is nothing that prevents me from choosing to fill my tray with the most delicious delicacies that the Universe offers me. With the very best that I can conceive, to that extent I am open to receive!

Meditando en Voz Alta

Agosto 9, 2022

Quiero entregarme por completo a la vida; ¡no solo una parte de mí misma, sino invertir completamente cada célula de mi ser en mis relaciones y en mi trabajo! No quiero adormecerme entre los golpes y desafíos de la vida, sino superarlos y ver el otro lado del desafío y encontrar la mejor versión de mí misma.

Quiero ser feliz con mi pareja en todo. Si lavo platos, entonces encuentro la idiosincrasia de lavar platos hasta experimentar el éxtasis de lavar platos. Y si es en la cama, seré el artista que pinte de colores el arte del amor y daré todo de mí en ese momento. No solo para alcanzar el orgasmo, sino para estar completamente en el proceso de la experiencia; darlo todo y recibirlo todo. ¡Creo que de eso se trata la vida!

Doy el 100% de mí mismo y soy libre de aceptar lo mismo de cualquier otra persona. Vivir mi vida sin reservas y sin miedo al qué dirán los demás. Quiero gritar a los cuatro vientos que soy libre, que soy poderosa, apasionada y extraordinaria en todos los aspectos de mi ser. Sólo que ahora quiero hacerlo con la dulzura de mi ser, con la ternura de Mirnita (mi niña interior) que no invita al sacrificio ni exige que me lastime o me lastimen. Ahora lo hago desde la elección liberada de ser más yo misma. Quiero un hombre que sepa darse como yo, que me reconozca y vea mi reflejo en el Universo; porque esa soy yo, “El océano en una gota”. rumi

Que esté lleno de amor y pasión y esté dispuesto a darlo todo a cambio de recibirlo todo. Para darlo todo, primero debo tener la sabiduría para tomar la decisión y el compromiso de toda una vida. Desde este punto de vista y desde este lugar puedo perdonar, y como ser humano tengo compasión. Pero elijo ahora ver la majestuosidad de mi ser y poner mis pies de lleno en tierra santa y decir con orgullo: “Tengo un gran matrimonio y un negocio bendecido. Pude vencer (incorporar mi propia sombra) mis propios demonios y realizar mis sueños de realización de la vida”.

Había forjado un camino y poco a poco me había alejado de mi sueño para enfocarme en algo o alguien que no me llenaba. Ahora, después de las tormentas de mi aprendizaje, comencé a buscar dentro de mí la fuerza para darme cuenta de que había permitido que esto creara tal destrucción como para dejar mi vida hecha pedazos.

En esos días de soledad y meditación, tiempo dedicado a sanar mi cuerpo y mi corazón, encontré aquello que verdaderamente buscaba. Reconocí que desde niña había sentido energía a mi alrededor. Percibí la energía de quienes me rodeaban, así como las energías aparentemente del más allá de este mundo. Siempre sentí que de alguna manera yo era diferente, y al mismo tiempo que tenía algo dentro de mí que se convertiría en mi propósito de ser. La transformación, según nuestra sociedad, requiere mucho éxito material. Sin embargo, siempre pensé que el verdadero éxito era alcanzar la iluminación espiritual y me he centrado en descubrir la autorrealización dentro de mi ser. Creo que el éxito monetario es el resultado de hacer lo que nos apasiona y considero nuestro deber encontrar ese deseo y satisfacerlo.

Llevaba años buscando lo qué me produce ese sentimiento. Sé que me encanta escribir. Estoy muy orgullosa de haber facilitado Un Curso de Milagros durante muchos años y de cómo todo lo que he aprendido me ha llevado a centrarme en las clases de Access Consciousness. Considero que es el tesoro que Dios ha puesto dentro de mi corazón. Es la satisfacción de encontrar ese tesoro lo que hace que encontrar el propósito de nuestras vidas sea tan importante. Creo que el propósito que llamó mi visión y mi misión es ese increíble deseo de crear y compartirlo con los demás. Cuanto más claro está en mi ser, más fácil es hacerlo y más alegría obtengo al dárselo a los demás. El genuino afán de superación nos impulsa a compartir y nos lleva a enfocarnos en nuestro crecimiento.

Dios nos dio el poder de elección y creación, y es a través del desarrollo de ese poder creativo que nos ayuda a sanar nuestras almas y nuestro planeta. Hay momentos en que algo o alguien llega a nuestras vidas para ayudarnos a aclarar cuál es el propósito de nuestra vida. Nos ayudan a rendirnos al espacio creativo que nos enseña a valorar nuestro poder de contribución individual como un espacio sagrado; y aunque parezca inalcanzable, es inevitable y altamente alcanzable. Por lo tanto, es lo que causa dolor y ansiedad dentro de nosotros lo que nos impulsa a reconocernos más a nosotros mismos y elegir un nuevo camino de creatividad.

Me siento completamente tranquila y lista para un nuevo amanecer. Tengo una nueva opción de vida y un propósito completamente amplio de ser más. Para recibir más de lo que actualmente puedo aceptar del Universo, dirijo conscientemente mi pensamiento hacia lo siguiente: Me encuentro en un buffet maravilloso donde se sirven los platos más exquisitos y ahora elijo los mejores platos para mí. Hoy no vivo en la carencia ni en la limitación. Hoy vivo desde el aspecto ilimitado e infinito de mi ser. Hoy vivo de la luminosidad de mi espíritu y digo sí a recibir más dinero. Sí a más amor. Sí a una mayor salud y si a más conocimiento. No hay nada que me impida elegir llenar mi bandeja con los más deliciosos manjares que me ofrece el Universo. ¡Con lo mejor que puedo concebir, en esa medida estoy abierta a recibir!

Mis 10 dias meditando

Quiero entregarme por completo a la vida, no solo a una parte de mi, pero completamente invertir cada célula de mi ser en mis relaciones y en mi trabajo!  No solo vivir adormecida entre los golpes y desafíos de la vida, sino superarlos y ver el lado más lejano del desafío y encontrar la mejor versión de mi misma.  

Ser feliz con mi pareja en todo, si lavar platos, entonces entonar las idiosincrasias de lavar platos hasta llegar al éxtasis de lavar platos y si es en la cama pintar a colores el arte del amor y entregar todo de mi ser en ese momento, no solo en el orgasmo, pero en el proceso de la experiencia darlo todo y recibirlo todo.  ¡Creo que de eso se trata la vida!

Dar el 100% de mi y aceptar lo mismo de la otra persona.  Vivir mi vida sin reserva y sin miedo al qué dirán.  Quiero gritar a los cuatro vientos que soy libre, poderosa, apasionada y extraordinaria en todos los aspectos de mi ser.  Solo que ahora, lo quiero hacer con cuidado de mi ser, con ternura de la Mirnita que no requiere lastimarse o ser lastimada; ahora lo hago desde la elección de ser más de mi misma.  Quiero un hombre que sepa entregarse de la misma manera que yo y que me vea y en mi vea el Universo en una gota, porque esa soy yo, “El océano en una gota.”  Rumi

Llena de amor y pasión y dispuesta a darlo todo a cambio de recibirlo todo.  Para poder darlo todo, primero tengo que tener la sabiduría de la elección y el compromiso de toda una vida.  Desde este punto de vista y desde este lugar yo puedo perdonar  y como ser humano tener compasión.  Pero elijo ver la majestuosidad de mi ser y poner mis pies planos sobre la tierra santa y decir con orgullo, yo tengo un excelente matrimonio y un bendecido negocio.  Yo pude vencer mis propios demonios y realizar mis sueños.

Yo, tenía un camino forjado y poco a poco me aleje de mi sueño para concentrarme en algo o en alguien que no me llenaba.  Ahora, después de una tormenta comencé a buscar dentro de mi la entereza al realizar que yo permití que esto causara tanto mal y me dejara la vida en pedazos.  

En esos días de soledad y meditación y entregada a sanar mi cuerpo y mi corazón encontré lo que yo buscaba y reconocí que desde niña yo sentía sentía energías a mi alrededor.  Siempre sentí que yo era diferente y al mismo tiempo que yo traía algo dentro de mi que se transformaría en la razón de ser.  La transformación de acuerdo con nuestra sociedad requiere mucho éxito material, pero yo siempre pensé que el éxito verdadero era llegar a la iluminación espiritual y me he enfocado en descubrir el auto realización dentro de mi ser y creo que el éxito monetario es el resultado de hacer lo que nos apasiona y considero que es nuestro deber encontrar ese deseo y satisfacerlo.

Tengo años buscando lo que produce esa sensación en mí y sé que me encanta escribir y me siento muy orgullosa de haber facilitado Un Curso en Milagro por muchos años y ahora enfocada en las clases de Access Consciousness considero que el tesoro que Dios puso dentro de mi corazón y que todo el mundo dice que es encontrar el propósito de nuestras vidas es importante, pero yo creo que el propósito que lo llamo mi visión y my mission es ese increíble deseo de crear  y compartir en la vida y en cuanto más claro esté en mi ser, más fácil es hacerlo y disfrutarlo dándoselo a los demás.  El genuino deseo de superación nos impulsa a compartir y nos enfoca al crecimiento. 

Dios nos dio el poder de elección y de creación y es desarrollando ese poder creativo que nos ayuda como seres humanos a sanar nuestras almas y a nuestro planeta. A veces algo o alguien llega a nuestras vidas a ayudarnos a aclarar nuestro propósito de vida y a rendirnos al espacio creativo que nos ayuda a valorar nuestro poder individual contributorio es un espacio sagrado que parece inalcanzable, pero sumamente obtenible.  Es así que la cosa que causa dolor y ansiedad es lo que nos conduce a reconocer más de nuestro ser y elegir un nuevo sendero de creatividad.

Me siento completamente tranquila y lista para un nuevo amanecer, una nueva elección de vida y un propósito completamente amplio a ser más y a recibir más de lo que el Universo me da, si pienso en lo que sigue, me encuentro en un maravilloso buffet donde los platos más exquisitos están servidos y yo ahora elijo los mejores platillos para mi, porque hoy no vivo en carencia, hoy vivo desde la infinidad ilimitada de mi ser; hoy vivo desde la luminosidad de mi espíritu y digo sí a recibir mas dinero, mas amor, mas salud y más conocimiento.  No hay nada que impida que yo hoy elija llenar mi bandeja con los más deliciosos manjares que el Universo me da y con todo lo mejor que concibo y me abro a recibir!

What is transcendence?

What is the energy of transcendence? At the end of the day, transcendence means to rise above or walk on water as the real meaning of walking on water can be…

And what do we need to transcend in our lives today? The pounding of negativity so we cowardly live in fear, the gloom and doom that is so pervasive in social media and the news? What have we forgotten about the truth of our being that has become a living separation from our Divine knowing?

Going within gives us answers that can only be received from a space of silent prayer and paying attention to nature as it unfolds and a deep space of gratitude for all of it, the beauty, the love and the ugly.

Transcending and allowing the unfolding of a space of reverence for ourselves, our lives and what is being born in this moment of human existence. Living in allowance of what is and opening the door to receiving more of our exuberant and joyful self.

Vivir una vida libre

En el espacio entre relajación y dormir descubrí una apertura a ese ser infinito del cual sabemos y reconocemos pero vivimos escondiendo por miedo de brillar nuestra luz. Una luz poderosa a un despertar de una realidad que no es y nunca ha sido mía. Descubrí un espacio de Luz que me iluminaba, la puerta abierta, la entrada a un nivel de ser que no conocía. Esto en ese momento me dio permiso a ser mas de mi misma y amar al ser infinito que soy.

Percibí una luz poderosa que me facilitó despertar de una realidad que me mantenía inconsciente y dormida rechazando la grandeza de mi ser. Despertar de una realidad que me mantenía encerrada en la energía limitante de auto depreciación y de victimización. Elegí por mucho tiempo vivir escondida de mi ser y ahora entiendo que la limitación no es parte de mi.

En mi sueño entendí que vivir en insuficiencia es una opción que me limita y me quita el poder de vivir una vida profundamente vibrante e iluminada y permitir la grandeza de mi ser.

Mi ser es parte de un universo grandioso y expansivo en el cual yo soy un granito de arena que participa y colabora en un grandioso diseño. Gracias, gracias, gracias por la disponibilidad y apertura a este espacio expansivo que aceptó y me permito ser y vivir, porque reconozco que yo soy una conciencia infinita e ilimitada!

Mi pregunta es, qué más es posible cuando vivo desde la elegancia y abundancia de ese ser infinito que soy?

Live a Life Free

In the space between relaxation and sleep I discovered an opening to that infinite being of which I know and recognize but live hiding for fear of shining my light. A powerful light to an awakening of a reality that is not and has never been mine. I discovered a space of Light that illuminated me, the open door, the entrance to a level of being that I did not know. This at that moment gave me permission to be more of myself and love the infinite being that I am.

I perceived a powerful light that made it easier for me to wake up from a reality that kept me unconscious and asleep, rejecting the greatness of my being. Waking up from a reality that kept me locked in the limiting energy of self-deprecation and victimization. I chose for a long time to live hidden from my being and now I understand that limitation is not part of who I am.

In my dream I understood that living in insufficiency is a choice that limits me and deprives me of the power to live a deeply vibrant and enlightened life and allow the greatness of my being to show the luminosity of my spirit.

My being is part of a great and expansive universe in which I am a grain of sand that participates and collaborates in a great design. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the availability and openness to this expansive space that I accepted and allowed myself to be and live in, because I recognize that I am an infinite and unlimited consciousness!

My question is, what else is possible when I live from the elegance and abundance of that infinite being that I am?